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Practice Finance

Practice finance is available to Solicitors, Accountants, Vets, Dentists and GP’s.

Fixed repayment unsecured loans can be used for practice acquisition, office refurbishment, expansion, or even working capital. We are also pleased to help ease cash flow issues, as well as financing VAT and tax liabilities.

Unsecured Professional Loans
Unsecured Practice Loan products are available to firms of all sizes. A simple application process, without the the need to attach forecasts or business plans, means that decisions and are usually made within 24 hours.

Loans from £5,000 to £500,000 can be applied for over period of up to 60 months. They are competitively priced, fixed rate and can be provided for any purpose. What's more, complete confidentiality is retained as the payment is made directly into your practice account.

These facilities will not affect any existing security, and no charges are taken over personal or business assets meaning there should be no clash with any current working capital arrangements.

Vat Funding for the Professions
Our Vat funding scheme can be used to fund just one quarter’s liability; alternatively a rolling facility can be provided to accommodate each quarter for a twelve month period. This competitively priced product offers clients the opportunity to spread the cost of high quarterly payments over fixed monthly instalments, whilst taking advantage of one month’s repayment holiday at the beginning of the agreement.

As with the medium term practice loans, the application process is simple and funds are released directly in to your office account ensuring confidentiality.

Tax/PII and Practice Certificate Funding
We can provide simple, fixed rate unsecured loans over 6-12 months specifically to fund tax liabilities (both self-assessment and corporation), Indemnity Insurance premiums or Practising Certificates.

Again, the application process is simple and decisions are usually made within 24 hours.

For the quickest turnaround on our end, we require the following:

  • Last set of year-end figures
  • A completed asset & liability statement
  • Copies of the last 3 months bank statements









"Practice Finance has risen in prominence since the start of the financial crisis. We are confident that we can provide assistance - just get in touch!"



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