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Limited Company Business Finance

At BA Finance & Mortgage Co., we are able to assist with a variety of forms of business finance over and above the traditional commercial mortgage. Funding can be arranged for the purchase of businesses, either on a stand alone basis or in association with asset finance, invoice finance, etc.

With BA Finance & Mortgage Co’s expert knowledge, in many circumstances, we are able to assist you by arranging unsecured funding via the various schemes available.

This funding can be obtained subject to criteria for the purchase of businesses, working capital requirement, purchase of assets and improvement to a business.

Whilst most banks will lend on freehold businesses, only a handful of financial institutions will lend to leasehold businesses with short leases between 5 and 15 years. We specialise in financing such leasehold businesses. We here at B A Finance & Mortgage Co. can help you by preparing viable proposals as would be required by banks and gaining its approval.

We are also able to assist with the refinance of facilities with existing funders.

"BA Finance & Mortgage Co. provides a broad spectrum of financial solutions. Many of our clients come to us having been rejected elsewhere - our specialist knowledge of the industry means we can help when the High Street says no."

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